StoneHill Education can help you with your educational institution setup; providing you with comprehensive solutions right from the inception stage up to implementation and monitoring. With our vital network of corporate and academic partnerships, we help you develop world-class tertiary, secondary and primary educational institutions.

Our integrated services optimize and strengthen the value-chain of educational institutions and are strategically positioned to be:


We work very closely with our clients to develop tailor-made solutions from the creation of the initial concept to the implementation and further monitoring. Our plan will assist you to get things started and monitor the results of your school or university.


Our solutions cover all aspects of education and the progress of the different phases of the education project. By the time we have completed the process, you will be operating a world class educational facility that offers a focus on excellence and meets the needs and requirements of your students and accrediting bodies.


Whatever your requirements may be, our expert consultants will be able to assist you and create a unique and comprehensive plan focused on the achievement of your goals, whether academic or operational. Our strategic network of corporate and academic partnerships will facilitate the development of strong education institutions.

For assistance with your curriculum development or your educational project contact the professionals at StoneHill Education today.