StoneHill Education specializes in the development of educational institutions, both academically and operationally. Through research and our vast experience in the different aspects of higher education, we can create an ideal program that will assist your students and your school or university to reach new heights. Depending on the need, this might include a focus on training, vocation and continuous education programs.

We also look at the social and economic aspects and particular industry educational requirements to create a program that will meet their present and future needs. Employability is an important factor for students and families when choosing a career path. Having worked with a number of education providers and having helped them to create dependable educational plans that work, means that we can help you to create a functional plan rooted in excellence. After all, we are passionate about education and want to ensure that students have the knowledge and can assist in the development and growth of their communities and countries.

  • Accreditation and Quality+-

    The validity of the program is ensured with two forms of accreditation – institutional accreditation as well as program accreditation. The implementation of a system quality for measurement and improvement is a must to ensure continuous conformity with international education standards.

  • Facilities and Procurement Management+-

    StoneHill Education provides a service-oriented solution aimed at maintaining a safe, functional, and attractive educational infrastructure and environment. StoneHill Education is an expert in needs identification and procurement of furniture, equipment, pedagogical and lab materials.

  • Faculty and Staff+-

    Quality faculty and staff are one of the most important elements for success. StoneHill Education selects and recruits highly qualified profiles thanks to its network of recruitment agencies specialized in education.

  • International Academic and Industry Partnerships+-

    StoneHill Education develops international partnerships with important education and industry players in order to guarantee global exposure for educational institutions. These partnerships position the institution as being truly international.

  • Assisting Development+-

    Textbooks and e-learning tools development as well as academic and industry events and conference management.

  • Preparatory Year+-

    The foundation year format is crafted to encompass languages, study methods, critical thinking and entrepreneurial skills. The format embraced by various academic institutions and scholarship programs constitutes analytical content to ensure that the students become proficient in quantitative elements including algebra, chemistry and calculus.

  • Program Design+-

    StoneHill Education develops tertiary, secondary and primary education programs. In addition to the preparatory year, our higher education programs cover a large portfolio of specializations. We also develop vocational, training and continuous education programs.

    The specific programs are aligned with international standards, industry and community needs, as well as with the priorities delineated by the Ministry of Education.

  • Research and Applied Research Centers+-

    The research missions assisted by professors will aim at faculty development, creating and exchanging knowledge and innovation to the business industry and building a platform for international exposure.

  • Scholarship and Funding Opportunities+-

    There are numerous opportunities to secure corporate sponsorship, a win-win situation for businesses owing to the tax benefits, as the sponsorship falls under the realm of employee’s education and training. A governmental financial aid system based on merit of needs will be developed and aligned with the education systems.

  • Student Life-cycle Management+-

    The management of student life-cycle is very complex as it involves different departments(Admissions, Learning, Housing, ALUMNI, etc.). StoneHill Education implements a simplified and seamless model, supported by a cutting-edge IT solution, in order to fulfil student expectations.

  • Student Programs: Exchanges, Internships, Community Service+-

    A corporate internship program facilitates both corporations as well as students. Companies are keen to train talented youngsters based on their needs. Various student programs will be developed in the form of education abroad, corporate internship, volunteer initiatives and community services.


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